AskMary: Basware Teams Up with Microsoft to Enhance Customer Support with ChatGPT

The Generative AI tool will drive greater value for Basware customers

Helsinki, Finland, November 6, 2023Basware, the leader in making AP automation and invoice processing happen, has come together with Microsoft and Zure to announce the launch of its generative AI tool which uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT. The tool, named AskMary, integrates ChatGPT technology to help Basware draft responses to customer inquiries. AskMary will empower Basware’s customer support team to deliver a more accurate and faster support function for its customers.askmary-delivering-what-customers-expect-fast-stress-free-and-helpful-resolutions

Basware has teamed up with Microsoft and Zure to create a solution in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. The collaboration allows Basware to leverage ChatGPT technology through Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service within Basware’s own Microsoft Azure environment. This ensures the highest level of customer data security.

Customer inquiries in financial management can be complex and varied. AskMary uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT to provide tailored suggestions on engaging with customers, delivering what customers expect – fast, stress-free and helpful resolutions. The tool works by Basware's customer support team inputting customer inquiries via ‘prompts’ within the AskMary platform. The tool then returns detailed suggestions for customer responses.

AskMary is named after communication expert Mary Gober, who has developed renowned methodologies around customer satisfaction and service excellence.

  1. Enhanced Communication: Basware's enhanced customer support function will provide clear, consistent and timely responses, delivering greater customer satisfaction.
  2. Customer Data Security: AskMary operates within a secure Microsoft Azure environment and enhances Basware’s system on safeguarding customer data.
  3. Human-led Support: The tool requires human input to create customer responses, which are then refined and sent by Basware’s customer support team. It ensures that Basware personnel remain at the heart of customer interaction and allows them to refine their quality of customer interaction.
  4. Ease of use: AskMary is easily accessible via an app within Basware’s Microsoft Teams platform, increasing efficiency and reliability for Basware’s customer support function.


For 40 years, Basware has streamlined the accounts payable (AP) function within organisations through its AP automation and e-invoicing platform. Basware uses AI and machine learning technology to automatically match invoices to purchase orders, approve and submit for payment, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their financial operations.

Implementation of the AskMary tool has received positive feedback and it opens up possibilities for Basware teams to utilize its benefits beyond customer support.

Matthias Lippert, Chief Customer Support Officer at Basware, commented:

“Delivering customer value is one of our core objectives at Basware. As a platform built on AI and ML technology itself, we were relentless to introduce AI technology within a secure Microsoft Azure environment to enhance our customer service. In our early use of the tool, we have witnessed a transformation in our customer communications that maintains the human element and allows us to help customers better and faster.

Basware's commitment to AI doesn't end with AskMary. Our goal is to learn from Microsoft Azure OpenAI ChatGPT's usage and by 2024, we expect to see a range of AI-powered solutions within our support function. We’re working towards a goal where the best customer support is the one where there is a need for minimal customer support – as it all just happens.”

ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI, which uses Generative AI technology to provide detailed responses to human queries. AskMary is built within Basware’s Microsoft Azure environment, leveraging its OpenAI service.

Mari Tuominen, Director, Corporate and SMB Business at Microsoft Finland, commented on the collaboration with Basware:

“At Microsoft Azure, we take pride in empowering organizations to harness the full potential of AI. The collaboration with Basware is a testament to their dedication and our robust cloud computing platform. We are excited to see the positive impact it’s having on Basware's customers.”

Zure, an Azure-focused digital innovation company, worked with Basware to implement the technology in Basware’s platform within a matter of weeks.

Sakari Nahi, CEO at Zure, commented on the implementation:

We are pleased to have accelerated Basware’s use of AI innovation in setting the standard for customer experience in the era of AI. With the help of Microsoft Azure, and as technology continues to evolve, we look forward to further collaborations that push the envelope of what’s possible in enhancing customer experience, streamlining operations, and ensuring data security.

Earlier this year, Basware was recognized as a 2023 Gartner Peer Insights™ Customers’ Choice for Procure-To-Pay Suites. Basware achieved a 4.6 out of 5 rating* based on reviews by customers that had used its solutions, taking into consideration support experience.

For more information, visit Basware’s Customer Support Services here.

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